Friday, August 11, 2017

Today's frugal activities

Breakfast: scrambled eggs (we each had two)

Dinner: one thin sliced chicken breast marinated and breaded (dollar store bread crumbs), left over steamed broccoli from the other night, a "flavored chicken" rice kit, fresh fruit from the fridge that needs to go, and left over carrot cake (a very small portion) for those who want it.

I cut the grass in the front and back yard, and sides of the house. It was a big job and took about 45 minutes. The house was vacuumed. Cat box cleaned, four loads of laundry washed, and recycling sorted. I broke down some of the boxes that we unpacked and they are stacked in the garage for next Thursday (which is our recycling day). The kitchen floor was mopped. All I have left to do is vacuum the dining room after dinner. The kids loaded and unloaded the dishwasher this morning.

The property manager is going to have a dryer delivered over the weekend. I have four loads of laundry drying over chairs and I may have my husband go to the laundry mat to use two of their dryers. Our old drying rack was broken so we didn't take it for the move to Florida. I was looking over our lease this morning and clothes lines are not permitted in the backyard. I wish they were.

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