Thursday, August 10, 2017

Simple things

OK, so my family has been here (husband and kids since July 12th) and I have been here since Saturday, August 5th.

We had the following meals this week so far:
Sunday Lunch: Tacos with trimmings (cheese, tomato, salsa)
Sunday Dinner: Oven baked chicken wings, mashed potatoes, fruit bowl, and birthday cake.
Monday Lunch: Hot dogs, fruit bowl
Monday Dinner: More oven baked chicken wings, left over taco stuff, left over mashed potatoes
Tuesday Breakfast: Generic Rice Krispies with fat free milk
Tuesday Dinner: Broccoli, thin sliced potatoes, and two chicken breast sliced thin, marinated and breaded.
Wednesday Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, canned hash
Wednesday Dinner: Lunch meat sandwiches, fruit
Thursday Breakfast: Generic Rice Krispies, fat free milk
Thursday Lunch: Grilled cheese and the last two sliced tomato sandwiches (no tomato for the kids)
Thursday Dinner: We went out for Chick Fil A since we were going to walk around the park.

We have been to the park several times to walk around. It is a very nice place to enjoy outside. We have been riding around the area looking at options for housing in the community (we will buy I believe once the old house closes).

I emailed my new employer to see if I could move up my start date from September 18th. I am waiting to hear back from them to see if this is possible.

We do not have a clothes dryer. The property company is supposed to have one delivered on Sunday. I emailed the company today for the second time to see when it would be delivered. In the meantime, we are washing clothes in cold water and hanging clothes over the dining room chairs until they are dry.

Trash pick up is twice a week (Monday and Thursday mornings). We have always taken our household trash to the community landfill when we were living in Virginia. Town trash pick up is new for us and I can not say enough about it. We also have recycling pick up on Monday mornings. They weigh your recycling and you earn points to use on city goods when you accumulate enough. I would like to see free admission to events in the area as a perk. I understand that recycling is mandated, and not opposed to it. We recycled in Virginia and did all of the hauling ourselves. I am really liking the recycling and trash pick up. We put two huge cardboard boxes out with all the boxes we used for unpacking inside and those were picked up also.

The house is 1800 square feet, one level, 4 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, and has a two car garage. My husband has his car in the garage. I am nervous about putting mine in the garage because I may have trouble backing it out. I am not the most skilled driver.

We have central air. The blinds are closed in the house from about 10 am until about 6 pm. WE also have five ceiling fans that we use to help circulate air. The central air is on 78. The house is all electric too.

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