Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dinner 4/24

Well yesterday, we finished up the two containers of chili  by serving nachos with chili and shredded deli cheese over them. It was a hit with the kids and my husband. I had the left over one serving of bean soup (I added some chopped up ham and carrots from the other night). It was great. I left the sliced ham in a baking dish with a cover, so the kids and my husband could eat it this week for "picking, snack, and sandwiches. They love it.

Tonight, I have 1/4 piece of beef chuck roast and veggies that need to be used. I'm going to heat up the potatoes and carrots in a frying pan. I'm going to add the left over carrots that I cooked with our ham the other night. I'm going to let this all simmer in a frying pan, and cut up the beef chuck roast in small pieces. I have a carton of beef broth I bought from the dollar store. I am going to make a small pan of gravy (flour, pan drippings, butter, and some beef broth) and add the beef pieces to it.

I am going to serve the beef and gravy over the little bit of potatoes and carrots we have left. We are also going to have steamed peas and summer squash that is left over from this weeks meals.

It actually sounds pretty good!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dinner 4/23

I have two small containers of chili on the fridge. They are dated for March 2014, and have been in the freezer since then.

I am going to get a large bag of tortilla chips today. I'm going to pour the chili over the tortilla chips, shred some deli end cheese and put it over the chili. I'm going to warm this up in the oven for a few minutes and serve it to the children for dinner tonight.

It keeps my budget intact to use up the lurking hidden surprises in my freezer.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Leftovers that need to be used....

This week we are going to work on getting rid of some of the lurking stuff in the fridge.

One serving of bean soup
two servings of chili
one serving of potatoes/carrots
1/4 of a crock potted chuck roast with 1/4 cup of pan.

The bean soup, potatoes/carrots will be lunch for either my husband or myself.

If I get to the store today, I'm thinking that I will buy some tortilla chips and serve the chili with chips for the kids snack. I can put the chips on a plate, serve it with chili on top, and add some deli end cheese I have in the freezer. The kids would love this as a snack.

I need an idea for the left over roast. I don't want to serve it as a "hunk of beef roast". I'd rather turn it into something else to serve this week for dinner.

Any thoughts???

Dinner 4/22/14

Since my husband gave away the ham bone and all the leftover meat to his friend, I put our other ham in the crock pot with the last bit of fresh pineapple, and four large carrots that I peeled and chunked. We are going to have some steamed long grain rice, some steamed peas, and I will steam some "summer squash" for my husband.

I need to go to the store, since we are out of eggs, bread, and milk. I'm trying to hold off for a few more days.

What'a been cooking...

I have been working, and am off now until Friday evening. So, here's the scoop:

Easter Sunday my husband and kids made a ham, steamed green beans and broccoli, and a friend brought over mac and cheese. I ate dinner with everyone and went to work. I got home Monday morning and found that my husband gave the ham bone and all the left overs to his friend to take home. It was a 10 pound ham!!!!


No ham bone for bean soup this week. SIGH.

We went to Chipolte last night for dinner. It's a mexican grill and serves really great fresh food. It cost about 45 dollars for the five of us, for a meal, tortilla chips, and soda. It was a fun time.

Work lunches:
Fri: left over bean soup
peanut butter/raspberry jam sandwich

Sat: Left over roast, carrots, potatoes, cheese and crackers

Sun: two slices of ham, various veggies, rice
peanut butter cup, 2 hard boiled eggs

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dinner 4/19

When I got home this morning from work, I put dinner in the crock pot. We have a small roast, a couple of carrots, potatoes, an onion, three small cloves of garlic, two stalks of celery, some spices, a little worchestire sauce, and some smells wonderful now.

I'm glad I put dinner in the crock pot when I got home. It makes the afternoon much smoother when I wake up for my next shift.

Friday, April 18, 2014

April 18th dinner

Since I am working night shift all weekend (including Easter). I am  on orientation for my new position, and this is my second night there. My first shift was last Sunday.

I have a frozen lasagna that I just put in the oven. It's a prepackaged meal (I use them sometimes) and was bought on sale. Well, it's baking and we are going to have steamed green peas and corn to go with it.

Lunch for work tonight:
bean soup
medium apple
1/2 peanut butter/raspberry jam sandwich

The frugality continues...

We are in use it up mode at my home. The kids are on Easter break and have five days off. Today is their second day, then the weekend, and Monday are spent at home. They go back to school Tuesday morning.

In an effort to keep the budget down, and keep the teenagers bellies fed (what a job I have to say. Teenagers can EAT MASSIVE amounts of food), yesterday was two scrambled eggs per teen for breakfast. This morning we are serving two scrambled eggs per teen, and a serving of ham.

I pulled the ham slices out of the freezer to serve with the eggs. The ham slices were from a ham shank back in March. The piece of tape is dated 3/28. The container has two thick slices of ham in it.

I'm thinking two egg omelette with ham inside. That should keep them happy. It also will stretch the ham to fill the teens up. We have some shredded hash browns I can serve with it.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

What's been happening...

We washed three loads of laundry today, and hung outside to dry. The kids are on Easter break, starting today and go back to school on Tuesday. I washed, the kids hung, folded and put all the laundry away. I got paid for my two weeks, and the new computer training 8 hour class. I wrote out all the bills I had in my shoe box (equity line, electric bill, car insurance, pest control, student loan, and medical bill). I'm waiting on the water bill to arrive. I had my dd sign her check that came from the college (originally my money, it was my account that paid for her education), and we took that to the bank. I put it right back into my checking account.

I had to pick up my hound dog's heart medication. I ordered her some new cardiac healthy food. Paid cash for both of these. I put gas in my husband's vehicle. I am going to gas mine tomorrow prior to going to work, so it will be ready for this weekend's three shifts.

Since I'm working again, I took out two containers of bean soup and the two containers of chili that were in the freezer. I'm planning on taking the soup and/or chili this weekend for my work lunches.
I need lunch for three shifts (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night).

I DIDN'T go to the grocery store. We have tons of food.

I took my dd to her oral surgeon's appointment. They are going to bill the dental insurance for today's visit. We have a 50 dollar deductible on dental, so I'm expecting a bill for this. I found out that she only has two wisdom teeth on the bottom!!!

We scheduled the appointment for April 30th, after her big 17th birthday. I didn't want her in pain or uncomfortable for her celebration. Since the provider is a MD in the company I work for, it's only 20 dollars for the two wisdom teeth to be extracted, and that apparently includes nitrous oxide, placement of an IV line for fentanyl and versed for sedation.

I asked the billing office twice to make sure once everything is finished, I would not receive a bill for 2,500 (my deductible for medical insurance). They were convinced that it was an "office visit" and not considered a "procedure". UMMMM, it consist of an IV, narcotics, benzos, removal of teeth, heart monitoring during the procedure, airway monitoring.........sounds like a procedure to me.

Dinner tonight:
left over homemade chicken soup (it's finished now)
left over salad
peanut butter and raspberry jam sandwiches (REALLY GOOD, I HAD ONE).
the last few pieces of banana bread

Updates on April Challenges

April Challenges Updated

Last month my kids and I went to the dentist. I have no cavities. My daughter has one cavity and my son has two that need to be filled. We made appointments to get them filled this month. While I still have insurance, it's a 60/40 deal, and I pay the 60 percent. They have given me an estimate of my charges.

Updates: My daughter goes to the dentist on April 24th. Her cost will be 165.20. My son goes to the dentist on April 29th and cost 159 for one filling. They both need conscious sedation. The cost includes the sedation. My insurance doesn't cover it and I have to pay out of pocket. My daughter also has a oral surgeon appointment this week for her wisdom teeth removal. Since we have not met our deductible, I will find out exactly what our cost will be. The conscious sedation and wisdom teeth removal will be taken off my taxes (since I have to meet a deductible and am not reimbursed for this).

My hound dog gets neutered mid April (already paid for) by Spay VA.
UPDATES: This has been done and they even clipped his toe nails.

My girls have birthdays coming. My daughter is going to be 19, and my other daughter is going to be 17. One asked to go out for a restaurant meal, and there was talk about manicures/pedicures for the 17 year old. I can't afford a big party for them. I'm hoping to get away with the meal/mani/pedi with my budget intact.
Updates: One birthday is done. My daughter that is in high school wants to go out for chicken wings, manicures/pedicures. This will be on Friday, April 25th. We are going to have lunch instead of dinner out, since I will be working that evening. Lunch will be the five of us, mani/pedi will be three of us, with some money put towards a "birthday bag" from the dollar store and a check for 25 dollars.

I am waiting on a reimbursement from DD college that she dropped out of. It's supposed to be in my account this month. It's close to 300 dollars which I could put back into my savings.
UPDATES: The paper check came, I thought they were going to just credit my bank account electronically. I was surprised, it's 492 dollars!! Part of it is going into my savings, part of it is going towards my bills for May.

My husband needs a new pair of glasses.
Updates: He got a new pair of glasses. His eye exam was paid for, and I paid 204 dollars for his glasses. I will be taking that off my taxes since I am not reimbursed anything for this purchase.
My car needs an oil change soon. It's about 1500 miles away from  needing one.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Frugal cooking....

My goal is to not throw groceries away. It's like throwing money in the trash can. It's terrible the amount of wasted food tend to throw away. Imagine buying groceries, deciding not to eat them, and them tossing everything.

There's a lot of hungry folks in this world. We could solve the hunger problem with the amount of food that ends up in the landfill.

So, I have four bananas that have BLACK, and I mean BLACK peels. I don't want to toss them, since I paid good hard cash for them at the store. I decided to peel them and make a loaf of homemade banana bread.

4 bananas
2 cups of flour
2 eggs
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 cup of fat free milk (didn't say in the recipe, but without some sort of liquid, the batter is very thick)
walnuts, pecans, chocolate chips (I don't have any of this stuff!!!!!!!)

I am baking it at 350 for an hour. The kids will like this for breakfast or a snack before bed. The recipe came from my Fannie Farmer Cookbook.

Dinner 4/16 using things up...

3 large carrots
1/2 onion (that was going soft)
2 stalks celery (that was going softer)
4 small containers of chicken stock, one container had a small chicken thigh in it. (homemade, dated 1/6/14, 3/16/14, 3/16/14, 4/8/14)
2 cups of ziti (to be boiled later and put in the soup)

The fridge is beginning to look a bit better, since we used up a lot of the left over stuff in the past week and a half. The carrots were peeled, sliced and put into the crock pot. The half an onion I was using for salad was getting soft, so it was peeled and put into the crock pot. Two stalks of celery were cut up and also placed in the crock pot. I had four various containers of homemade chicken stock (made from the drippings from the crock pot, along with chicken frames) that were needing to be used. Everything is in the crock pot with a little water to cook all day. I didn't add any spices, since there's all kinds of goodness from the chicken stock (and one of the containers was from my "sticky chicken attempts".

I was looking up a garlic parmesan roll to make with our soup. I found one on allrecipes. We are going to have those (I will use my bread machine to do the work, and bake in the oven), and a small salad (lettuce, tomato, ranch dressing). That's dinner for the five of us today. I'm sure there will be left overs for my weekend shifts at work.