Tuesday, November 14, 2017

What's been cooking?

Sunday I boiled eight eggs for the kids to snack on. Even when the kids were little they enjoyed hard boiled eggs as a snack or served for lunch as egg salad. They will eat egg salad on bread, in a bowl, or with a few crackers. They like them plain also and prefer them with no salt or pepper added. My son is not really an egg salad kind of kid, but he will eat a small portion of hard boiled egg if it is cut on a plate for him.

Sunday dinner was at our house. Our cousins did not come on Sunday because they enjoy football in the afternoons and dinner disrupts it. LOL. We are not a foot ball family, so we are OK with that and we are able to plan family dinners together on different days, but I work and my girls are working part time, so it is hit or miss on who will be around during the week or the weekend evenings.

My husband's cousins and their kids are not employed. He is retired from an air traffic control position and she stays home.

Sunday dinner for the five of us included some marked down chicken tenderloin that I found at Winn Dixie this past week. The package was very small and had seven strips in it. I marinaded the chicken in Aldi garlic and herb mixture and let it sit in the fridge for about 6 hours. I added some breadcrumbs to the chicken and put it in the oven. We had some buttered green beans, brussel sprouts, and steamed rice with the chicken. There was not enough chicken for the five of us. I have each of the kids two chicken strips and the last one went to my husband. I had some rice and a lot of veggies. There were no left overs for this meal to have on Monday.

My girls ordered some Chinese food last Friday while I was at work. I found the left over chicken and veggies in the fridge. They were in some brown sauce. Monday lunch consisted of some more steamed rice and I mixed in the chicken, veggies, and the brown sauce. It made lunches for my husband and myself. My oldest and middle daughter requested egg salad. My son made a few peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on whole wheat bread.

Our cousins called yesterday and wanted to know if we would come over last night for dinner. They had chicken breast in the crock pot, with mashed potatoes, some rice, and steamed brocolli. My oldest was with us and she had two servings, my middle DD was at work, so she was given a plate to go to have when she got home. My son decided not to cooperate with what was served, so his cousin (they are the same age) decided to heat up some hot dogs for himself and Kevin.

My husband and I had a dinner plate. I had ice water to drink and my kids along with my husband had soda that his family provided. Overall, it was a fun evening.

My mother in law and a friend of hers is coming to visit from Rhode Island today and staying until Saturday in Orlando. They want to come visit us (we are about 70 minutes from Orlando) and mentioned that they wanted to go out for dinner tonight. I can tell you that funds are tight here because I am trying to keep everything in the bank until after the house closes on December 8th. I talked to my husband about this and he stated that his mother wanted to treat the five of us. I am going to look over the budget in a little bit. We are not expecting her until after 4 pm. We are having thanksgiving with her on Thursday. I have a 14 pound turkey thawed in the fridge. I am also working Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday night. She's a registered nurse too and is still working at 75 years old part time. She says she likes to travel and enjoy life so she continues to work.

I had some frozen left over roast with gravy in the freezer. It is a very small portion. I decided to make a small vegetable beef soup for lunch for the five of us. The roast was cut into very small pieces and put into the crock pot. My husband bought some frozen "Vegetable soup mix" prior to when I arrived at the rental in August and I found it in the freezer. I assumed he bought it as I don't remember buying it. It has green beans, celery, onion, potato, tomato, lima beans, and okra in it. I took all the okra out of the package and added everything else to the crock pot. I had a package of onion soup mix from Aldi that I added to the crock pot with some water. This will be lunch for today and I will take it to work with me this week.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Life happens...

I made pork ribs for dinner the other night. I found them on clearance and marked down at Winn Dixie. We don't usually have pork ribs and this was a surprise for us. I put the package in the crock pot with sliced onion and BBQ sauce. We had that for dinner and it was pretty good.

Last night I had a migraine and we had leftover chicken, baked beans, and mac and cheese for dinner. I made a from scratch gravy to put over the chicken. We finished up all the left overs in the fridge and there was little complaining.

A couple of things:

My middle DD went to the urologist. She needs a second ultrasound in a week and a half and then a follow up with the urologist. She continues to feel fine and does not have any pain or discomfort since Tuesday morning. We are thinking that she may have passed the stone, but the ER did not give her a strainer, and the urologist did on Thursday.

My girls bought pet supplies yesterday. They chipped in and bought cat food and two containers of cat litter. I was proud of them since I was working night shift the past three nights and did not make it to the store.

My health insurance has decided to send pre authorization for the anti depressant I take called Viibryd. They wanted me to try two SSRIs and needed documentation. I contacted my old doctor in Virginia and they sent my records to the new MD. The new MD was able to navigate through the insurance company and prescription company to get my medication approved for one year. I was paying 251 dollars a month through Good Rx at CVS and the 90 day cost is 126 dollars.

My oldest has her medications through the 90 day service for 10 dollars each. She received three medications and we can not beat the price on them.

My husband needs a new antipsychotic medication. His previous one is no longer working for him and he is symptomatic. The new MD put him on Latuda daily. This medication costs 570 dollars with my insurance coverage AND medicare. We were able to contact the MD and he was willing to give out enough samples until his next appointment. We are going to discuss if it is possible to change the med to something else or get a drug scholarship.

I have been having issues with chronic pain. I usually just take two Tylenol tablets, but my arthritis appears to be getting worse, and I am only 45 years old. The ibuprofen and/or Aleve really makes me feel sick to my stomach and I choose not to take those.

I heard back from the disability office regarding my special ed kid. He does not qualify for social security because he has never worked (well yeah, he has never worked, he just graduated in May and we are having a difficult time trying to find him a part time job). The office told me that he would qualify for "disabled adult child benefits". We have a phone interview on Monday at 1:30 in the afternoon. I am hoping for the best.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

What's been cooking?

Sunday: I worked Sunday and my husband made chili in the crock pot. He used some stuff we had in the pantry and ground turkey from the freezer. We have a small amount of chili left in the fridge for another person to have a bowl. There's just enough chili for one person.

Monday: We spent the day in the ER with my daughter. We got take out since it was after 8 pm when we finally got home.

Tuesday: I would have to look back in my blog and see if I posted what we have. I wrote on Facebook to my mother that my oldest daughter made sloppy joes.

Wednesday: I made sticky chicken for dinner. I bought chicken legs at Aldi a month or two ago for 69 cents a pound. There were a total of eight legs in the package. I went to all recipes and found a sticky chicken recipe. I opened a can of baked beans. I made a small pan of mac and cheese using the last of the rigatoni in the pantry, two handfuls of shredded cheese, a bit of butter and some milk. There's a bit of this meal left over in the fridge.

Thursday: I am working tonight and tomorrow. I had a package of pork ribs that I thawed in the fridge yesterday. I did cut them this morning and put them in the crock pot. I added a bunch of thin sliced onion and a small amount of BBQ sauce. I will warm up some green beans and I had a box of "white shells and cheddar" in the pantry.

All the left overs will be put out for tomorrow's dinner. I take leftovers to work and will probably take the last of the chili with me tonight. I cut most of the chicken off the bones when I serve it because I want to make a small crock pot of stock with the seasoned bones and drippings.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

My middle daughter

I worked Sunday night and my daughter sent me a text message telling me that she was not feeling good. I asked her what was bothering her and she told me that she had a very bad stomach ache.

Well, I took her to Urgent care yesterday morning when I got home for unrelenting abdominal pain. Urgent care ran some tests and immediately sent us to the emergency room for further evaluation. My daughter is a trooper and I was a hot mess. My nurse brain left me and I became the worried mother at the bedside of a sick adult kid.

She was given some IV fluids, pain meds, nausea meds, and they did some blood work. They did a lot of blood work actually. They did an ultrasound of her liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen, both kidneys, aorta, superior and inferior vena-cava, and then did a CT scan for further evaluation.

Urgent care stated that my daughter had gall stones. Finally after 8 hours in the emergency room we found out that she has several kidney stones, bilateral lung atelactasis, a lesion on her pelvis, and a raging urine infection, and hydronephrosis related to the kidney stones.

They gave her several scripts for pain medicine, nausea medicine, and flomax to dilate her renal system in hopes that she can pass the stones. The stones are 0.6 mm by 0.5 mm in the right kidney. We were also given a referral to see a urologist that accepts our new insurance plan. I will make sure that she gets her prescriptions filled and the call is made for the urologist consult when I get home from a work meeting 8 until noon.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

The budget

I got paid on Friday and made half a rent payment for December. I was able to put some money towards my student loan (I have made two payments this within the past four weeks) and this is in a grace period until February since I graduated in August with my MSN. I did put 200 dollars into the savings and went to the grocery store. I found four packages of marked down meat at Winn Dixie and was able to buy those for the freezer. I bought our Thanksgiving turkey at 0.79 cents a pound and it is 14 pounds. We love turkey and will really enjoy this as it will make several meals.

I am waiting for the utility bills to come in so that they can be paid. I did get the water bill and this has remained the same since we arrived in Florida and living in the rental. The amount doesn't vary much but it is within a dollar each month give or take. This month the water bill was 146 dollars.

Last month's electric bill was outrageous. I almost cried when I opened it. The total cost for 31 days was 338 dollars. We found out that the central air conditioning was set at 72 as "scheduled" and I am not sure, but I think I was the one that changed the temp as a mistake. My husband was able to look at the thermostat and was able to turn off the air conditioning and turn it back on. He was able to set the air conditioning at 78 and put it on a "hold" status so the setting would not fluctuate. The electric bill was paid in full last month and did put a bit of a strain on the budget. We did have the air conditioning off for a few days last week since the temperature was in the mid to upper 70's.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

It's November

I am finally off orientation at my new job and working 12 hour night shift in the CVICU unit. I was able to locate new psych docs for the family and we found that the 90 day prescription service that is required for employees and their families to use is a god send.

Good RX  prescription discount program was a blessing also, but I found the 90 day mail order fabulous with two exceptions. The 90 day service does not cover my antidepressant, Viibryd, and I am paying cash at CVS to the tune of 251 dollars a month through Good RX. The insurance company has requested documentation from the doc about failed SSRI's in the past. I have failed Zoloft, Lexapro, and tried trintellix (which I liked but one of the side effects was severe itching). My other meds are covered for 90 days and have ten dollar co-payments.

My daughter's Abilify was 69 dollars through Good Rx for a month. My prescription coverage through work charges a 10 dollar copay for 90 days for the generic drug. This is a blessing since it is a huge savings.

My husband is beginning Latuda. Latuda is a newer drug that is very expensive. The psych doc is going to give them samples since the cost for my husband with medicare prescription coverage and my insurance coverage still charges us 570 dollars to get this filled. The doc stated that he would help us with a prescription scholarship for this drug.

My middle daughter takes Latuda and she has enough in her current prescription that we filled a month ago with what she brought with her in the move from Virginia to Florida. We will have to make sure that she gets a drug scholarship form filled out for this so that she can continue to take this as she has been on it for years. My old insurance had no issues with filling this prescription.

I did apply for disability benefits for my autistic son. We have an appointment at the local office on Monday November 13th. The "case manager" stated that he would qualify for "disabled adult child benefits" and that they need more information.

My girls have been working at Dollar General. They are the two only part time employees with the managers. This store has a high turn around rate and my girls tell me that there's drama. I explained to them that there is no perfect job and that when we go to work, we are there to do our jobs, and do them to the best of our ability. They are working 15 to maybe 20 hours a week. My girls are required to take part of their check to pay "rent" and we use it for gas money for the two vehicles.

My husband has given me 300 dollars of his disability check to help cover the monthly bills. If my son does get the OK to obtain benefits, I spoke to him about paying "rent" and he said "It is an adult thing" and "I can do that". He told me that he wants a checking account and a savings "like you Mom". Since we have moved here he has put in numerous applications for part time jobs, had one interview, and no success with obtaining a job.

I am working my three shifts a week and would like to not pick up any overtime. The savings is intact. The builder contacted us a week ago and told us that the house was going to close in late December because they were behind schedule. We got told yesterday that the house would close on or near December 8th. The first date of closing we were told was November 30th.

I have not given notice at our rental yet. I will give notice when we close on the house.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Weekend plans?

Does anyone have weekend plans? We don't make plans usually. We always hang out at home, go to the park, go for walks, go to the library, or just enjoy each other's company. Last Saturday we went to a bar and grill to listen to some live music. We had a GREAT time. We each had soda, tea, and appetizers (chips and salsa). It was a lot of fun and the music was amazing.

Meals yesterday consisted of scrambled eggs for breakfast. Lunch was tomato soup (for myself and my son), my husband had tuna sandwiches, and my daughters had ramen noodles. Dinner was two from scratch cheese pizzas. I made the crust with my bread machine. There was nothing left of the two cheese pizzas I made. I had mozzarella cheese in the fridge, used a half jar of lurking spaghetti sauce, and of course, some onion powder, garlic powder, and Italian  seasoning. My kids loved the pizzas.

I made a vegetable pizza for my husband and myself. We used the same pizza crust recipe for the bread machine. I had some small colored peppers (red and yellow) that I cut up, two chopped up roma tomatoes, some fresh garlic, and sliced onion. The pizza was pretty good. It was less expensive to make verses ordering out from a pizza place. There were two pieces of veggie pizza left this morning that my husband had for breakfast.

My son had his carnation instant breakfast this morning when he woke up. He also had two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch. My daughter had a bowl of cereal. My middle daughter had some leftover pork, gravy, and mashed potatoes that were in the fridge.

My husband asked for scrambled eggs, bacon, and fried potatoes for dinner tonight. This is an easy meal to make. We have some laundry to get done. I have washed two loads so far. I was at Dollar General this morning to get some drain clogger stuff for the kids bathtub. I found a shopping cart full of xtra laundry soap 75 ounces marked 50 percent off. I asked for the price and it ended up being 1.30 a bottle. I only bought one bottle but will consider going back for the rest (there was about 12 in the cart) since we use this liquid detergent for laundry.

Have a good day!