Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Planning ahead, using things up.

It's watch the budget and see what happens mode. This week's theme is use it up. We have been working on that using what's been lurking around and making the best meals possible.

We have a whole chicken that my husband cooked last week. I just picked two cups of meat off the frame and put the frame in the crock pot. We have a few sickly looking carrots that were peeled, cut up, and put into the crock pot. I chopped up half a white onion and put it in the crock pot. I added several cups of water, 2 bouillon cubes, chicken grinder spices from Aldi, parsley, pepper, garlic powder, and poultry seasoning.

Later today, I will pick out the carcass, boil some elbow pasta (using it up, it's the only pasta we have, about a cup left), and serve it as chicken soup.

We have leftover bean soup and spaghetti sauce that we've made lately that has been put in the freezer for times that are a little bit more difficult.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Using things up...

We have four tomatoes in the fridge that are getting very soft. I'm going to cut them up and place them in the crock pot, along with a sliced white onion, three cloves of garlic, a small can of drained chopped mushrooms, and a 28 ounce can of crushed tomatoes.

We have some frozen ravioli in the freezer that was bought last week at Aldi when I got paid.

We will top the ravioli with the "sauce" and add some Parmesan cheese. We will have some steamed green beans on the side.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Dinner 7/28

I had two kielbasa links in the fridge. I put one of them in the freezer. We sliced one of the links into smaller pieces and fried it with a sliced onion. I diced up the last four potatoes we had. I put them in some butter and fried them with onions. We had kielbasa and fried potatoes with onions for dinner.

It was very satisfying and fattening!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Dinner 7/26

I worked last night, came home at 8 this AM, and had a cup of tea. We had defrosted a whole chicken and it's been sitting in the fridge. My husband cooked it in the oven, with some rice and steamed some broccoli.

That's dinner folks.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Work this

So, the payment to my DH car loan went through my bank account. I had 350 dollars left. I put 300 in my savings account at the credit union on the other side of town. I got paid yesterday morning when I left work. I came home, took a nap, got up, wrote out the bills, went to Aldi and spent 100 dollars, got some take out for dinner, and we saw a free outside movie.

I got paid and wrote out:

my student loan  170 (feb 2015 payment)
electric bill   135
car insurance   220
wells fargo equity line   300 plus 72 interest

The only bill I have sitting on my desk is October's mortgage. My son has a birthday coming August 3rd. He wants to see a movie and get pizza at Chunk E Cheese. That's pretty painless since there is NO PARTY at Chunk E Cheese. My kids are going to be getting new glasses in August.
I am hoping to get some more cash into my savings, after the latest round of bills clear my account.

Lunch today: Getting rid of some lurkers out of the freezer. I gave the choice of hot dogs or hamburgers to the kids, DH, and myself. We had two hamburgers and 4 hot dogs. I had a hamburger, DD had a burger, and the rest of us had hot dogs.

Dinner: Left over bean soup since we have a crock pot full.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


My husband bought a ham over the weekend. I put it in the crock pot yesterday morning with some onion and carrots. We had ham and carrots last night for dinner. 

I took out two cups of ham stock and put it in the freezer for soup. 
I have one ham bone for bean soup. 
I have two containers of diced/shredded ham for sandwiches, waffles, omelettes, etc. 
We have two plates of sliced ham for sandwiches, or just for picking when looking for a snack. 

Tonight's meal is bean soup. I have the ham bone in the crock pot. I soaked two cups of pinto beans overnight and put them in the crock pot. I added a small container of chicken stock from last week that was in the freezer. I added a few cups of water and some carrots. It will all cook together and become creamy bean and ham soup. 


Things have been just a little busy around my home, with my working, home life, life with my husband and kids, and a few extra projects I have to do for work...I'm a bit overwhelmed. I can't seem to keep up with the blog and feel bad for those who do read on a regular basis.

I'm working a OT shift tonight. My DH and I are in a sort of tangle. I obtained a copy of my credit report yesterday. I found out that my DH hasn't made a car payment on his vehicle for three months. In the past year, he'a made four of them on time and eight were late.

My name is on the vehicle loan as a co signer. I really had no idea because I thought he was over his "foolish years" and money mistakes, since we have been through so much. Well, apparently he's now over it. I found out and called the loan folks.

I had 1221 saved in my checking account that I was going to transfer over to my savings when I got paid on Thursday. I ended up making a 839.92 dollar payment to get his vehicle caught up. We had an agrument yesterday which resulted in my breaking down in tears. I didn't touch the cash in my savings account to cover this. As a result, I have 350 left in my checking. I will transfer that to my savings tomorrow morning after I get out of work in the AM.

We spent yesterday not talking. I was so upset and angry. I took my son to the park so he could play. My DH came with me and we sat there in silence. I ended up walking our two hound dogs, so they could get some exercise. I made dinner and went to bed at 9:30.

Work projects:
I joined the RN practice council at work. We have a project that needs to be assigned. I took some pro activeness and signed myself up for one of our core measures. My responsibilities are to develop a questionnaire, make some education to put out for folks at work, and help our facility meet the core measures. My part is venous thrombosis embolism prevention. It's basically a clot in one of the vein/arteries and how to prevent that in patients while they are in our care. I need to have something to present on August 14th.

Another one was applying for a PRISM award. It's a award given to med surg nurses and their unit for outstanding care and leadership. My part in the application is nurse retention and recruitment. I need to have a rough draft for our meeting on August 14th.

The work projects are not paid assignments. They are to show leadership and growth on our resume and we get points towards our annual evaluations.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Using what we have...

The left overs from last night consist of one pork chop and one ear of corn. It will be lunch for the teens today. I will slice up the remaining pork chop and cut the corn off the cob and divide it between the two teens. They can have BBQ sauce to dip their meat in. Can you believe that all the steamed broccoli and fried potatoes are gone?? The steamed broccoli is GONE!!

My oldest is usually sleeping now in the day time, since she works night shift. No lunch needed. She will eat dinner and usually pack something to take with her for work.

Dinner tonight is a turkey tenderloin I bought at Aldi a while ago. I was going to place it frozen in the crock pot, with a couple of carrots, poultry seasoning, sage, and some chicken broth I had in the fridge from dollar tree. I've never made a turkey tenderloin in the crock pot, but it can't be too bad I guess. It's a crock pot and things come out totally awesome in it.

We have some lurking long grain rice that needs to be used up. It will be steamed and served on the side. We have some grapes that need to be used up, so that will also be served.