Thursday, March 29, 2018

Life keeps going

Well, I have been very busy working overtime at my job to help pay for new brakes and tires for my vehicle. I was able to get the brakes and tires done and put cash into my savings account. We also did our taxes and got a refund from the federal government. I owe VA taxes and they will be paid in full with my next pay check. 

My oldest DD is still working part time at the dollar store. She is doing well and still is at home. She pays rent and does put gas in he vehicles. My middle DD was in the hospital two weeks ago due to a rare adverse reaction to her antipsychotic. Needless to say that I had to take her to the ER after getting out of work myself and we spent a few hours there. We were discharged after four hours with prescriptions for cogentin. 

I went "psycho mom" on our psychiatrist for increasing her dosing without knowing what else was happening at the time leading to the dystonic reaction. Needless to say, she is not taking an antipsychotic medicine now and it is listed as a severe allergy. My middle DD is still working at the dollar store and pays rent and puts gas in the vehicle. The psychiatrist and I have an agreement to discuss (with my children's OK since they are over 18) any changes in medications that are needed prior to implementing them for the adult kids and my husband. I have been very proactive in their mental health since 2004 when my husband was finally diagnosed. 

My autistic son FINALLY was approved for social security. He will receive 653 a month for life under my husband's benefit. He has a new checking account now with my name on it as a representative. He is very proud of his checking account and right now it has 25 dollars in it that I put there to open the account. We are waiting patiently for the deposit for April to arrive. 

My son is going to pay "rent" and offered to help with groceries. He likes to grocery shop at Aldi and the Dollar Tree. My son has also started in a program at the local high school. It is for adult special education learners who have a "diploma" that need additional services through the school system. The county school board offered to assist us with placement after explaining and providing paperwork from the Virginia Board of Education. 

He goes to "school" from 630 to 230 in the afternoon. The bus picks him up in front of the house and drops him off with an adult waiting for him. He can not be let off the bus without the driver acknowledging that there is an adult at the house. 

With all the overtime I have been working I was able to put additional cash into the savings account and put 3/4 of the tax money in the account too. Prior to my overtime I had about 8,200 in there. I am proud to say that we have 11, 257 in savings as of this morning. I will continues to put 75 dollars every two weeks into the savings as a direct deposit from my take home pay.

I am still in debt with my student loan and the retirement home mortgage. My goal is to get the student loan paid off (I would like to think by the end of the year, but it's a large amount, so maybe half would be a good goal). 

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  1. I try to tell people about the additional support from school systems for their children up to the age of 21. So many just let the children drift free and receive no additional help. Good for you on getting this service.