Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sunday Happenings

The property manager of the rental house had a new electric dryer delivered for us. It came this morning from Lowe's. It did not have the clamps and we bought them ourselves. The cost was 1.98 for a pack of two. My husband was able to get them on the dryer connector to the ventilation hose.

Well, managing two household budgets is difficult. I had about 580 dollars in my checking until Thursday when I get my last two day pay from my old job. I am still waiting on my PTO to be paid out. I emailed the realtor to make sure we are still scheduled for closing on August 21st. She stated that it was still scheduled and planned for that day. I paid the old water bill from Virginia (we still have a balance and this will be paid off when we get the house closed), I paid the new water bill from Florida, and I paid the new electric bill from Florida. I paid an old doctor bill from Virginia.

My husband's cousins are coming over for dinner and bringing their two adult boys. They told me that they are bringing grilled chicken tenders, baked potatoes, and corn casserole. I told then that I will have buttered green beans (frozen), potato salad that I made today, and vanilla cupcakes for those who want some kind of dessert. I will also make a plain simple salad (green leaf lettuce, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and celery.
I stopped at the grocery store Publix. I still have to find out what stores are in the area. I have been here a week yesterday and my husband stated that there is a Winn Dixie in town, an Aldi in another town about 15 minutes away, a dollar store (I love dollar stores), plus I believe that there is a Save a Lot.

Here's what I bought this morning:
Gallon of generic milk 3.79
2 liter soda 0.99 (BOGO)
lb carrots 0.99
one whole chicken publix generic brand 6.00 a bird
cupcake holders 0.99
one cucumber 0.75
turkey breast/ham slices lunch meat 5.99
two packages of ground beef 4.95, 4.95 (each pound was 3.99 YIKES!!!!!)
one bag of frozen califlower/brocolli mix 1.95
one frozen soup mix (frozen veggies )1.95
3 lb hot dogs 4.39 (YIKES!)
2 liter soda (BOGO)
fresh tomatoes 1.29 lb bought almost two pounds worth 2.30
generic fabric softner sheets 1.59 (we will use each one twice)
Cheerios (BOGO) 3.83
Cheerios (BOGO)
Green leaf lettuce (1.69)
10 lg leg quarters 7.90
two gallons of spring water .86  .86
2 liter soda (BOGO)   0.99
two liter soda (BOBO)
5 chocolate bars

We spent a total of 69.15 with taxes included. We have spices, many baking items, fresh potatoes, three packages of frozen veggies, three small packages of chicken breast, numerous loaves of bread, half a box of generic rice krispies, some box mixes of rice, granola bars, four eggs, condiments, two boxes of pasta, and three jars of spaghetti sauce. My husband bought this prior to my arrival and I have been using what he has in the cabinets and adding to it to make meals. I am hoping that we can get through the next two or three weeks with what we have. I would like to get our finances in order and finish paying off Virginia household budget stuff, while beginning the budget for our new home in Florida. I paid a portion of our rent at the beginning of the month for September. My pay this week will go straight to the September rent.

Some times I wonder if we made the right decision to move but we are here now and that is where we are going to stay. Things will improve when the house closes and I can get the bills paid off. I requested to start early at my job on Thursday and hoping to hear back from HR this week. That would make life much easier instead of waiting until September 18th.

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