Thursday, August 10, 2017

It's been a long time.

Well, it's been a long time. I finally finished the MSN degree this week. All of my kids are graduated high school and we have moved from Virginia to Florida. We are waiting for August 21 to arrive because we sold our house in Virginia!! August 21st is the closing date. I have a new job waiting at the hospital in this area and I am patiently for the board of nursing to accept my background screening and fingerprinting that I completed.

My last day at my old job was August 5th. I am going to receive all of my vacation time back (about 270 hours) at my base rate of pay (32.78) minus taxes, retirement, and health insurance. I have another two day pay coming next week to be direct deposited.

The fees with moving were astronomical. We paid a moving company, paid for new paint and carpeting in our old house, paid the rent and security deposit for the new rental home, background checks (for five), pet deposit, and a four night stay in a hotel while we were getting the painting and carpet down in the old house.

There's been so much money from my savings account that we used to finance the move. We did not put anything on a credit card (I don't have any, but my husband has one).

Once the house closes we will be considering whether to buy again or to continue renting long term. We are waiting for the first round of bills to come for the new house (utilities). We have to change the two vehicle registrations, we got updated insurance information from our old company, they are just going to transfer it to Florida, and we have to finish paying a few bills from Virginia.

The goal is to close on the old house, put some money back in savings (we have none at the moment due to the move), establish residency, and get our finances in order. I have health insurance until the end of August. I will get employer sponsored health insurance 60 days after my start date of September 18th, 2017. We have all of our prescriptions filled, been to the dentist, got all of our needed appointments done before leaving Virginia.


  1. Nice to see you back on line. Congratulations on the degree-you worked long and hard towards it. Lots of changes on your end, too. Sounds like you have your ducks in a row. Personally, I'ld be fearful of being w/o medical ins, even for only the 18 days into Sept. It takes just one accident . .wishing you well!

  2. Corrected: your job starts 9/18 so your new ins won't be until 11/18-Again, I'd bite the bullet and get cobra or ACA for the interim.

    1. COBRA costs about 1600 dollars through my old employer for the family. It is a price that I can not afford for the couple of months we would need it. 4800 dollars would be difficult to come by since I depleted my savings to finance the move and new rental home. I would use part of the profits from the house selling to pay for it if needed.

    2. I understand the high cost of COBRA, did you explore ACA?

  3. Glad to see you. Keep checking on online. Moving is so expensive, hopefully everything will be back to normal for you soon. Cheryl