Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dinner 7/31

My family finished off the chicken soup last night. My working full time DD brought a huge bowl of it to her job for her lunch break.

I've had a change of schedule for work. I put in for Sunday night off, since it is my son's birthday. I was asked to work tonight for critical needs pay and I would be given SATURDAY off in exchange. I took it!! I am working tonight and my usual Friday night. I am off the whole weekend.

I took out a five pork chops for dinner. I put them in the crock pot with the last three pitiful carrots, half an onion, and a small can of cream of mushroom soup. It will cook all day and we will eat close to 5 this afternoon. I have a small package of "steak fajita" rice, a little bit of leftover broccoli that needs to go, and the kids requested steamed corn. So that is our meal for this evening.

I wish we had some plain long grain rice or potatoes to go with this, but we are out of many things that won't be replenished until I go shopping next Thursday (coincides with pay day).


  1. Wish I lived closer, I would so give you all the rice you need! (I just organized my pantry and I have an over abundance of rice!)

  2. I've been watching the sales pretty carefully lately and found that my supermarket puts rice on the buy one, get one free sale fairly often. Last time I bought brown rice because it's good for us, even though I am more used to white rice. But I also like basmati rice, and bought a 15 lb bag last time it was on sale. Can't remember what I paid but it was cheaper per pound than buying a smaller amount. I try to buy something to stock my cupboard for the future with every trip to the store. I know potatoes don't always keep well, but I do have pasta, egg noodles and rice on hand at all times, and always bought on sale. All are useful for making leftover meals and all are a good way to s-t-r-e-t-c-h those meals a little more. I hate to be down to the last of anything, so I plan to buy more when there is only one left in the cupboard. I believe I save more money by waiting for sale prices than by using coupons, although I do both. I know you're trying to pay down debt--I've been there, believe me! But it might make sense to bolster your cupboards with a few more basics to help get you through the week before payday. It gives me a real sense of security to know the cupboard won't be bare. Even if you start with a couple dollars a week and buy a little more of something on sale, it can save you from paying full price until the next sale comes along. I even buy gallons of canola oil, vinegar, and a few other things---even if we are only two people, the per unit price is lower, and the stuff doesn't spoil. If you start slowly but keep at it steadily, you will be surprised how quickly you can get ahead of the game.
    Good Luck. I think you're doing great at using up leftover foods.