Friday, July 25, 2014

Work this

So, the payment to my DH car loan went through my bank account. I had 350 dollars left. I put 300 in my savings account at the credit union on the other side of town. I got paid yesterday morning when I left work. I came home, took a nap, got up, wrote out the bills, went to Aldi and spent 100 dollars, got some take out for dinner, and we saw a free outside movie.

I got paid and wrote out:

my student loan  170 (feb 2015 payment)
electric bill   135
car insurance   220
wells fargo equity line   300 plus 72 interest

The only bill I have sitting on my desk is October's mortgage. My son has a birthday coming August 3rd. He wants to see a movie and get pizza at Chunk E Cheese. That's pretty painless since there is NO PARTY at Chunk E Cheese. My kids are going to be getting new glasses in August.
I am hoping to get some more cash into my savings, after the latest round of bills clear my account.

Lunch today: Getting rid of some lurkers out of the freezer. I gave the choice of hot dogs or hamburgers to the kids, DH, and myself. We had two hamburgers and 4 hot dogs. I had a hamburger, DD had a burger, and the rest of us had hot dogs.

Dinner: Left over bean soup since we have a crock pot full.

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