Tuesday, April 30, 2013

that whole chicken

Fed the five of us, and I have two huge plates of meat and bones. I took the two cup of stock in the crock pot and put it in the freezer for another night. This will be an asset when money is tight and I have to get more creative.

I will take the meat from one plate and put that into tacos.

The bones from both plates will be placed in the crock pot with various spices and be made into more stock for the freezer.

The other plate I will make into a chicken salad.

I have a small bowl of chicken that will be placed into the freezer with the stock.

Folks, a whole chicken can provide so many meals and an economical manner. It takes some planning, but it is very accommodating, and forgiving. If your curious, yes my kids will eat the chicken based tacos. They enjoy having tacos and don't really care if they are ground beef or chicken. It's an easy and filling meal for the five of us.

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