Saturday, April 20, 2013

Using up some lurking items in the freezer

We have a twp lb package of "hot" Italian sausage in the freezer that I bought on mark down for 3.56 total. I took that out of the freezer to have for dinner tonight with some red and orange peppers, sliced onion, and garlic in olive oil. I also have a small package of organic mac and cheese (3 for 1.29), and a small amount of red beans and rice (0.75 cents) that I bought from the bulk section of Sharp Shopper.

I will add probably some Brussel sprouts to go with this. Overall, a meal that uses an odd combo of things, but feeds the five of us without having to stress about what's for dinner, or how are we going to get to the store.

I will use reconstituted milk and stick margarine for the mac and cheese.

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