Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How to live on one income...and get the bills paid, save some money, and feel good about it.

So tell me, how do you save money, live off of one or even two incomes, and feel good about the choices you have made, when there are some "downer" people??

I cook from scratch a lot. I recycle all plastic, cardboard items, have a compost bin, and I even sell all the metal to the local metal recycling shop in the outside of town. I know this is what some would call radical, but I needed cat food a few weeks ago, and took a walk out back and found that our metal bin was full. My husband, who by the way entertains me a lot and doesn't complain much, helped load the cans into the car. They were in a 33 gallon container bagged up. We drove over to the metal shop, and sold them back to the company for 0.64 cents a pound. We got a total of 3.50 for our efforts, and enough to buy some much needed cat food.

Now, some people would laugh at me. My mother would have said, "Why don't you just buy it with the money in the bank?" I could have bought the cat food with money in the bank, but my account would have overdrawn, since I had not had all my monthly obligations clear my account yet. This was like FREE MONEY or FREE CAT FOOD FOLKS!!! Why wouldn't someone take this FREE resource and use it!!!!

Last year, I grew tomato, cucumbers, beans (big epic fail), raspberries, blueberries and black berries. Not that this was going to sustain us all summer, but it was fun. Again, my husband does not complain, but does entertain me with my hobbies. He told me that I would make sure all of us survived if we ever had some kind of Apocalypse. My kids seem to think we will survive anything by having Mom do her "funny stuff".

I'm not complaining. My bills are paid, I have a full emergency fund of 1,000. I am currently working on a 3 to 6 month living expenses. My goal for that is 5,000. I have 400.00 so far in the bank for that.

For all those "downers"....keep spending all your money...I will keep doing what I can to support my family.

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