Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Washing laundry

...seems to be a never ending battle here with five people. I wash everything, yes everything in cold water. I buy on sale detergent (usually powder) and use only ONE tablespoon of powder to a load of laundry.

FYI: It's not the soap that gets the clothing clean, it's the agitation in the washing machine that does the work. The soap is an emulsifier. It only loosens up basic stuff.

We do have a dryer, but it's older and we don't use it. I have a drying rack in the hall way that we use to dry clothes. We hang everything up and it takes about two days to dry. Unless its' warm outside, we will hang laundry outside over the deck.

This is one of the ways I save money. wash in cold, hang laundry, use small amounts of laundry soap, and use all the resources I have available, including warm weather and sunshine.

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