Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Current Pantry List

Going into April with the following items in the pantry, fridge, and freezer. My grocery budget is 300.00 a month to provide for a family of five, a moderate sized dog, and three cats. The items with the asterisk in front have been used previously, bulk purchases, and are considered lurkers. I will work on using up the items I marked. I would like to get through this week without going to the grocery store. I am finishing up my vacation at home, but will return to work on Wednesday night. I may go to the grocery store on Friday morning. I shop at Aldi, Sharp Shopper, and CVS. I work hard to stay out of the mainstream stores. There are higher prices, and too many people to have to hassle with. I go to CVS to get our prescriptions, and pick up loss leaders.

I will be going to the grocery store on Thursday or Friday this week to pick up a list of things. I keep an ongoing list to make sure I don't miss anything that we are currently out of.

2 cans tomato sauce
1 can diced tomato

one pound sour kraut
one pound bag of frozen peas*

Brussels sprouts*
a few fresh green beans*
a few potatoes*
4 carrots*

veggie oil*
olive oil

blue cheese dressing
Hershey syrup*
garlic powder*
onion powder*
beef bouillon
baking soda*
baking powder*

a pound of salt*
one container of BBQ sauce*
pancake syrup*
dry non fat milk*

1 noodles and sauce packets
1 box generic cereal*

1/4 container cream cheese*
1 pounds stick margarine

2.8 lb of hot Italian sausage
0.73 lb boneless chuck steak
2.08 lb pork loin


  1. I'm trying to keep our grocery spending at $100 a week for 3 of us. I have a daughter in college so she only comes home once in a while. I'm hoping that you will inspire me to save more!

  2. Wow. I would love to have a 100 a week for three people. Maybe I can learn something from you!! Please post and share with me!