Saturday, April 20, 2013

Needs vs Wants

We all have know those things you would like to have.....I would like to have a house full of candles and a cleaning lady. HAHAHAHHAAHAHAHA. Not ever going to happen for me.

But I need to get my electric bill paid. That is a continued need every month.

So, how do you decide which is which? It's different for everyone. My needs and my family's needs may be different from another. One may consider them wants, as their need list is actually someone elses' wants.

  • My needs are: a warm home, groceries to feed my family, a savings account fully funded, happy children, financial happiness (meaning finally out of debt), the ability to not have to work at 55 (I would enjoy volunteering at the free medical clinic), to have enough in savings to be financially independent  I would like to contribute more money to my 403B (currently have almost 20,000 in it). 

  • WANTS: a full self sustaining fruit and veggie garden, a cleaning lady, candles, lots of candles, money to help my kids become independent  pizza, lots of pizza....I would also like to have a home that is paid for. I would love to have an never ending amount of money to go to the grocery store and buy the stuff I would LOVE to have. My husband wants to travel (I may too). 

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