Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What's been cooking??

We finished off the bean soup, the chili, and still have some of the roast and veggies left. I put them aside for another meal. My DH bought two frozen pizzas last night for dinner. He was tired of cooking, I was tired, since I worked all weekend. I wasn't going to cook. The two pizzas feed the five of us, and we have two slices put aside for my working full time DD to take to work with her.

I have numerous containers of chicken stock in the fridge, with small amount of meat and carrots in them. I am going to place a few of the containers in the crock pot, add some additional sliced carrots, half an onion, parsley, two garlic cloves, some chicken "grinder spices" from aldi, and maybe if needed, a portion of the 32 ounce "carton" of chicken stock I had in the pantry from the dollar store.

Later today, I will cook a portion of egg noodles I bought from the dollar store. I was thinking of making a loaf of ABM bread to go with this!

Chicken soup folks. Using up some of the leftover stuff that most folks would throw away.


  1. I often use up what's hanging around the fridge and freezer to make a soup- we especially like when I can throw stuff together to make chicken soup. Yours sounds like it's gonna be goooood!!

    1. It was. There was nothing left over from the soup. We have about half a loaf of french bread left for tonight's meal.