Sunday, August 10, 2014

Weekend meals...

I have been working this weekend. Sorry for the lack of postings. My husband has made great meals this weekend. On Friday he made chili in the crock pot with some cheddar cheese on top. I took that to work for Friday and Saturday night shift. On Saturday, we finished up the rest of the chili.

Tonight he made pasta, with jar sauce, using a package of ground beef. He made a small salad and garlic bread. He loaded my plate up, and I only had half of the pasta, no bread, and had a plate of salad. I will take some left overs to work tonight.

I'm trying to finish my tea, so I can get ready to start the 40 minute commute. I like my job for the most part. It's less stressful than my previous position. I'm hoping that tonight is a good shift.

My work lunches:
steamed peas
peaches (fresh)
a granola bar

We went to the grocery store on Thursday morning. I will post everything on Monday morning. We spent very little and bought a lot of fresh produce.

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