Wednesday, August 20, 2014 tune fees

I put five chicken thighs in the crock pot this morning with seven very small potatoes, five carrots, half an onion, a clove of garlic, some spices, and a cup of water. It will cook all day and we will have a beautiful dinner for the five of us. We are using what's available in the house for meals right now. I have some expenses to pay for.

We are getting new glasses today. I have (2) 50 percent off coupons for frames and lens (which my working DD and son need new frames and lens), and myself and DD need just new lenses. I am not sure how much it's going to cost, but I have enough in my checking account to pay for one pair, and the other three will be out of my savings account.

I have been faithfully putting 300 dollars every two weeks in my savings to help cover the costs of the car work and glasses. I've done this three times, for a total of 900 dollars to go for these expenses. My husband owed me some cash to the tune of 1100 dollars for all the car payments I made in the past two months. He gave me 125 dollars and that went into my savings.

My car is getting a much needed oil change and 60 thousand mile check up tomorrow morning. The cash will come out of my paycheck (I worked two overtime shifts to pay for this) tomorrow morning.

My two high school kids have school fees I have to pay for in the morning. It's going to amount up to about 70 dollars for both of them. A graphics class, home ec, art, and a science lab cost. It's kind of outrageous, but I guess it's more for supplies then anything else. Oh well. They will get paid tomorrow morning when I get paid.

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