Friday, August 22, 2014

Continue to use them up...

those hidden surprises!! You know what they's what's in the freezer sitting in an unlabeled bowl with a plastic cover over it. It's kind of like the mystery meal that you can't quite tell what's in it.

So, what do I do? I took out three containers of frozen stuff. I have one quart, two containers that hold about two cups each. It smells pretty good, and I see something that resembles pinto beans with carrots.....I've decided to let the containers thaw out.

I'm thinking that we will simmer the bean/carrot/ham soup on top of the stove and serve it in mugs like we did the chili last night (which was a huge hit and got rid of the chili, the small amount of cheese, and last of the Italian bread). I'm thinking we will only have this, since it's pretty filling and has lots of protein and fiber.

I did talk to the teenagers last night about "using what we have, since we paid lots of cash out for glasses and car work". No surprises for them, they are all aware of the financial status at home.


  1. Debbie, I think it's great that your kids know some of the financial status at home. Our kids, now grown, always knew (within limits) if we could afford something or not. I think there is a balance between making them feel secure and also making them aware that money does not grow on trees!

    1. They are teenagers and one of then has graduated and works a full time job with a temp agency. She makes 8.75 an hour and works 40 hours a week. She went with me to the grocery store this morning and said, "Wow. I never understood how much it takes to feed a family of five". "I guess there's not anyone to give you free food when your an adult" she said. I'm trying to install good values but sensible ones on my children. They need a roof over their heads, a warm place to sleep, and food in their bellies. If there is something they want in particular, they have to earn the money to pay for it.

      My oldest saved enough money to pay cash for a new laptop for herself. She said she was well aware of how much it cost and she was going to take better care of this one, since it was her money that paid for it. IMAGINE THAT!!!!