Sunday, December 9, 2012


updated list!!

Updated Pantry list. The starred items are opened and need to be worked on to get used up.  I took the pork chops and herb stuffing off our list for the month, as these are planned for today.

one 9.5 pound smoked ham (for Christmas)
3 packages of ground turkey
10 pounds of chicken thighs
1  packages of brautworst
meat ends*******
a pound of ground beef

8 ox sharp cheddar
8 ox sour cream*******
lb of Colby cheese
cheese ends********

several open condiments in the fridge*******
opened jam in fridge*******

2 half gallons of juice  (half empty)
1 pound of sugar
box of tea bags**************
various spices (dried)********
cupcake mix

various baking ingredients**********
two boxes mac and cheese
1 jar spaghetti sauce*******
two pounds of pasta***********
2 rice roni
veggie oil************
pancake syrup
chopped frozen green peppers**********
2 lbs frozen sour kraut

1 pounds onions**************
3 one pound bags of frozen peas
9 one pound bags of frozen corn
a can of pears
2 pounds of green beans

1 lb carrots********

4 cans of tomato soup
one can of mushrooms

2 containers of peanut butter**************
5 lb carrots
pearl onions
one box old fashioned oatmeal***************
one box of cream of wheat***************
one box of cereal ************
one box candy canes
two packs of gum
 lb bananas*************
24 ct eggs**************
fat free milk gallon*************

a few potatoes
one whole chicken
4 turkey sausage
2 lb peppers***********
3 lb apples
3 half gallon juices
graham crackers

two muffin mixes
bagged flour************
two containers of hot cocoa*************
a taco kit
parmesean cheese

Containers gone:

one with a small amount of meatballs
one with turkey and stock
one container out of two with chicken stock
two containers of meat balls

Frozen veggies gone:
mix veggies
brussel sprouts

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