Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My debt

I am going to list my debt, and my plans to get rid of this:

KIA 277.11 a month (only four payments left)

JCPenny 600 dollars total....100 a month (when KIA is paid off, the money rolls into my JCP account 277.11 plus 100.00)

Target 1300 total....150 a month (when JCP is paid, all is rolled into this account 377.11 plus the 150)

Wells Fargo  (A) 25,000 YIKES!!!!!! 90 a month at the moment (when Target gets paid off, then the money will roll into this account 572.11 a month)

Student Loan 15,000 total another yikes!!!! 167 a month...will keep this amount until Wells Fargo A is paid off. (when the above is paid off, then I will put 572.11 a month and the normal 167 towards this loan).

Mortgage 72,000 total....633.21 a month....I was paying 200 dollars a month extra...thinking that will change, as I need an emergency fund.

Emergency Fund: 00000000

Essentially, I could have my bills paid, and mortgage free come this a reasonable plan??? Yes, provided I can stick to it.

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