Thursday, December 20, 2012

Updated Pantry listing 12/20

Updated Pantry

one 9.5 pound smoked ham (for Christmas)
2 packages of ground turkey
5 pounds of chicken thighs
1  packages of brautworst
a pound of ground beef
8 ox sour cream*
lb of Colby cheese
several open condiments in the fridge*
box of tea bags*
various spices (dried)*
cupcake mix
various baking ingredients*

two pounds of pasta*
1 rice roni
veggie oil*
2 lbs frozen sour kraut
3 one pound bags of frozen peas
7 one pound bags of frozen corn
2 pounds of green beans
1 lb carrots*
2 cans of tomato soup

pearl onions
one box old fashioned oatmeal*
one box of cream of wheat*
3 whole chicken
2 turkey sausage
2 lb peppers*
graham crackers*
a muffin mix
bagged flour*
a taco kit
parmesean cheese*
a gallon of milk*
one bag of frozen french fries (for when I'm working and my husband needs a quick snack for the kids)
a lb apples
blueberry pancake sryup*
pancake mix*
one nine lb ham
3 boxes of cereal*
5 lb sugar
powered sugar
4 pk popcorn*

2 lb rice*
generic crackers townhouse
1box hot chocolate*
5 ramen noodles for kids*
a pound of salt

3 lb elbow pasta
3 clementines
35 water bottles*
36 ct eggs*
two whole chickens
3 bags of bagels
3 bags of english muffins
a pound of pepperoni
tortilla shells*
1 loaf of white bread
10 lb potatoes*
3 lb onions*
fish sticks
sliced cheese

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