Saturday, October 27, 2012

Working AND Vacation

I work night throughout Wednesday morning, all night shift, with differential. I work nights due to the 5.00 differential and the little extra it provides in my pay check every two weeks.

My family is going on vacation to Florida November 6th until November 13th. They do this every year, all prepaid through out the year by my husband and his efforts at providing the "fun" in our home.

I begin my vacation from work on Wednesday morning, and don't return to work until November 15th, back to night shift. This is my annual vacation that I take when the family is in Florida. It gives me a much needed break from the craziness in my life, helps me readjust some of my personal goals, and I tend to hang out at home, caring for the animals, and relaxing.

I will continue to cook for myself, go or walks, take care of the yard work, and tend to some things around here. I would like to get the stairs sanded (by hand), and get them stained. Last year, I pulled up all the carpet in the stair way, pulled out all the staples, and yanked off all the filling underneath. I stopped when the kids and Gary came back from vacation, due to the potential of not having the get the stairs all messed up after I attempted to stain them. So, this is my goal for the two weeks I am off.

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