Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dinner 10/26

Yesterday for dinner I did the following:

Warmed up two cans of Cambells Tomato soup, and one can of Cambells Bean with Bacon, divided the three between the five of us (with the kids deciding first which they prefer). One had tomato, and two had bean with bacon, my husband and I ended up with mugs of tomato.

I don't hand soup out in traditional bowls. I use mugs and it seems to make a so so meal a little better, and appeals to the kids more.

I took some sliced cheese, bread, butter and tomato...I made grilled cheese sandwiches, two for each kid, and two grilled cheese with tomato for my husband and I.

I also had two pans of banana bread that I made, one was with cinnamon chips (trying to use what has been hanging out in the pantry). This was dessert for those who wanted it. They had the option of spreading some cream cheese on the banana bread.

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