Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What's been happening...

I didn't sleep well last night. I sat up with my husband and we were talking past midnight about our life, home, children, and the future. I was awake at 6 to get myself to the dentist to get my permanent crown placed (I made the last payment of 240 dollars cash). My DH took the teens to school and picked up our 19 year old at work this morning.

I have a project at work and I'm close to finishing. I will be glad when the presentation is over. It stresses me out.

I was looking around the house and the place looks like a tornado hit. It needs some much needed TLC. My goal is to get it in some form of decent shape.

My anxiety is pretty bad. It gets worse when I don't sleep well.

We ran out of cat food yesterday. I gave my DH some cash to run to the store this morning and pick some up while I was at the dentist.

The kids are well. My DH has a cold.

I'm debating whether to enroll into a MSN program online. I'm looking into three schools and found one that will accept a payment plan (I don't want to take on a student loan, since I'm working hard to be debt free). I'm waiting to hear back from then regarding their admission process. I've all ready spoke to an enrollment specialist yesterday. They want to see copies of my transcripts (I have them in my portfolio) and I can go to Office Max or Staples and fax them copies of the ones I have in my portfolio.

I'm tired and have a migraine. I have a cup of hot tea and some ibuprofen. My mouth is not as numb now, so I don't risk aspirating on anything.

Dinner tonight is hot dogs (cook on the hot plate), mac and cheese for the kids (I have a box of Kraft in the pantry), and salad. The hot dogs will have the usual toppings (ketchup, mustard, chopped pickles for relish, and onions if requested).

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