Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dinner plans

I am working tonight for critical needs pay. It's 10 dollars an hour over my base rate of pay, not including differentials. Work was short staffed and emails were sent out, so I responded.

I am making dinner. We eat dinner before I go to work. We've always done this.

Tonight we are having homemade cheese burgers. I used a lb of ground beef, two eggs, the last bit of Worcestershire sauce, and a cup of breadcrumbs. I mixed it all together using a spatula and made five generous portions. They are baking in the oven. I will add some sliced cheese to them when they are finished cooking. I am thawing out four hamburger buns.

My husband and I will have ours on some sliced tomato, cucumber, onions, and pickles. I pulled out some bagged lettuce from the fridge and it was BROWN!!

The kids are going to have theirs with some canned chicken noodle soup. I have a small handful of onion rings in the oven on the same baking pan with the burgers. The kids can have those in addition to the soup.

We are using what's available to keep bellies fed and warm.

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