Thursday, November 6, 2014

Last night's meal

I have been cleaning house and doing laundry for two days. I was so tired last night I considered ordering take out.

I ended up making omelettes using some of the ham that my DH made on Sunday. I added a small amount of deli cheese to each one. My kids had omelettes with ham and cheese, my DH and I had ham, cheese, onion, and tomato omelettes. We had some sliced tomato and onion from our cheeseburgers the other night that needed to be used.

I also had some mashed potatoes that needed to be used. I warmed them up in the waffle iron, thinking that I could make them crisp. It was a fail!! It did brown the outside of them but the inside was still cold. It needs more work on my part.

I paid cash for my son's cavity filling yesterday. I'm paying cash today for my new front brakes. I'm excited.

I love Dave Ramsey.


  1. Although it didn't work out for you, the idea of putting the mashed potatoes in the waffle iron sounds good. I bet they would have been yummy if the inside warmed up.
    When I have leftover mashed potatoes I make 'potato croquettes.' My grandmother used to do this all the time and when I make mashed potatoes I make extra just so I could do this the next day. You take the cold, stiff mashed potatoes and make patties. Dip them in egg and then dip them in bread crumbs. Fry in oil and they are soooo good! :)

  2. My neighbor added an egg, stirred it in and fried it in an iron skillet without much oil. Delish!

  3. Growing up, my mom would make mashed potato's in bulk, then with the leftovers, she would mix in more milk, egg (I'm guessing 1 egg to probably 2-3 cups mashed potatoes) so she would have a thick, but thinner than mashed potato batter. Then she fried them up like dollar size pancakes. They were crispy on outside and creamy on inside and we loved them with boxed mac and cheese, or leftover ham with scrambled eggs-something easy. Probably carb heavy, but once every week or two, balanced with apple slices, the main fruit we had in the house regularly, it helped feed lots of people and was tasty.

    1. I think that was what I was trying to do. It didn't turn out the first time, but I'm always willing to try again.