Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tonight's meal and work schedule

I have two whole chickens in the freezer. I took one of them out last night and put it in the fridge.

In the crock pot:
1 whole chicken 6 lbs
1/2 a large onion
4 thin peeled and cut carrots
2 cloves of chopped garlic
2 stalks of celery
6 very small potatoes (think baby potatoes)
2 cups of water
celery salt
garlic powder
black pepper
poultry seasoning
onion powder

I'm hoping to have a great meal this evening with the family!
I'm spending the day cleaning house, doing laundry, working on the budget, attending my middle daughter's senior night at school (we have to order graduation stuff tonight, need to get down payment money together), work on my finances, and plan for the rest of November-January 2015.

I signed up for several overtime shifts. My manager offered an additional 10 dollar an hour bonus for those who picked up extra. I picked up the following dates:

Nov 13
Nov 19
Dec 4th
Dec 11th
Jan 1st
Jan 5th
Jan 12th

7 shifts X 12 hours is 84 hours. 84 hours at crictical need pay of 10 dollars an hour is 840 dollars!!!! That would put a big dent in my Mom's utility payments. I would like to put a good portion of it into my savings account too.

Working these nights for critical need pay will make my regular Saturday night shift overtime.
I am working Thanksgiving, New Years Eve, and New Years Day night shift...holiday pay!

I'm hoping I don't end up divorced!! My DH said he would support me and do what was needed at home to help out. We need to start some Christmas shopping for the children (small Christmas this year), plan and finish the final stuff for Thanksgiving, and my kids want to have a New Year's Eve party at home with their friends (IE watch the celebration on television). I'm thinking of making them responsible for planning their own party, snacks, and fun. They are teenagers.

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