Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Change of plans

When we work in health care we have an obligation to provide care regardless of hours, holidays, or being short staffed.

I am working tonight. I am working tomorrow night. Tonight is my holiday pay for 12 hours. Tomorrow I will get holiday pay for 4 hours, and critical needs pay for the entire shift.

As a result, we are celebrating this afternoon. The turkey is in the oven, the stuffing/dressing is made and in the fridge. The sweet potatoes are simmering and when they are finished, we will mash them with some cinnamon, brown sugar, and a bit of butter.

The mashed potatoes will be made later. We have creamed corn and peas to go with it.

My daughter is going to make a nice tray of cheese/crackers/pepperoni with the stuff she bought. The pies are in the fridge to thaw, since we have three, we will make only one for today.

We will have a cute pickle tray also.

Tomorrow, my husband is going be with the kids while they spend the day together. They will have two more pies to bake. When I wake up, we will have a great "left over party" that includes two baked pies!

The weather is bad today. Snow! It's a nice day to have the oven on. My husband will be driving me to work (40 minutes one way, since it's terrible outside). We will be leaving around 5:30 tonight to make it on time to clock in at 6:45. \

When we talked about the change in schedules, my kids are so easily adjustable to my work schedule, they were glad to have two days of celebration. I'm blessed to have a great bunch of kids and husband in my family.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! So happy that your family is flexible about your schedule - you have a great bunch there. :-)