Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A few meals out of a 6 lb chicken...

1. Whole chicken with veggies (fed 5)
2. A bowl of veggies
3. BBQ chicken sandwiches (will feed 3)
4. Chicken salad sandwiches (will feed 2)
5. Original stock at bottom of crock pot (3 cups)
6. Returned skin and bones to crock pot for another round of stock (got two cups)

The whole chicken with some carrots, potatoes, onion, celery fed the five of us last night.I have a small bowl of veggies left, it's enough for two people.  I took the stock that was in the bottom of the crock pot and put it in the freezer. I pulled all the chicken off the bones last night and divided it into two. Ome portion to make BBQ chicken sandwiches for my kids for lunches. The other to make chicken salad for the adults. I chopped up the chicken and added three packets of take out BBQ sauce, and what was left in the bottom of one container of honey bbq. The chicken salad was made with chopped chicken, four take out packets of mayo, some onion, celery, and spices.

The various cups of chicken stock are now in the freezer for use later this month and into December.


  1. You are awesome! Way to stretch the chicken, girl! :)
    All the meals you made sound great and I like the way you use take out sauces, mayo, etc. That is so thrifty!

    1. My oldest daughter is the take out queen...she is young and hasn't figured out yet that the best way to spend money is keeping it in the bank.