Monday, September 1, 2014

What's been cooking??

I worked this weekend, and go back Wednesday for 5 in a row. I signed up for overtime. It always looks good on paper, then when I'm getting ready to begin it, it doesn't always feel good. But you do what you gotta do to support a family.

My husband baked tater tots and boiled hot dogs on Saturday for dinner. Sunday dinner was some pasta and jar sauce hanging out in the pantry from Dollar Tree. My kids had friends over, so they all had pasta and sauce. My DH had left over tater tots and a hot dog. I ended up having two hard boiled eggs and some popcorn.

Our pantry and fridge is beginning to look pretty bare. This past week I made homemade french bread, two different batches of pumpkin cookies, and made some chocolate chip muffins. The kids finished those off and we are out of fluid milk. I am finishing up the last of the powdered milk in the pantry for hot tea, hot chocolate, and any basic recipes I would use regular milk in. My kids don't really care for powdered milk with their cereal or to use as "regular milk".

My DD is out of work this week. She's has a temp job at the local Kraft company in town. She was told on Friday that all the temps will be off this week due to low production and orders placed for their products. She will go back next week. She will be home all week for meals, and not need anything set aside for her nightly lunches.

I still bring my lunch to work, and usually it's whatever we had for dinner.

Speaking about dinner, I took out five chicken thighs yesterday from the freezer and put them in some garlic and herb marinade from Aldi. I will put them in the crock pot with some carrots, steam some broccoli, and offer some brown rice to go with it. I found brown rice at Dollar Tree a while ago.

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