Monday, September 8, 2014

What's been happening...

I have been working 60 hours in five days. I'm just tired. I clocked out this morning and will be back to work Wednesday night. A lot has been happening around here.

My husband made pasta and sauce on Saturday for dinner. I took some of that to work.
On Sunday, my DD made chicken thighs and steamed peas. We are eating a lot of chicken, since it's lower in price at 89 cents a lb at Aldi last week. My husband told me that he's had a rough five days with the kids while I have been working. He told me that he's just exhausted and he went to bed just a little bit ago.

I paid for subway for dinner. 5 dollar sandwiches. No big deal.

I still have skin and bones left from the chicken thighs in the fridge, I still have three chicken thighs that need to be used. I am thinking of making chicken and dumplings tomorrow in the crock pot. More on that tomorrow.

About my husband...he has a mental health history. He took me to work last night  (40 minute commute) and told me that he wasn't sleeping well. He said that the kids are irritating and argumentative. He said that they are not helping him keep things done around the house. We need to have a family meeting tomorrow afternoon when everyone is rested and home from work, school, and had dinner.

He takes his medications every day. He said I am not easy to live with. He said I work a lot. I told him that I have to work to support our family. He understands that I have to work my 36 hour week. He thinks I work a lot of overtime. I do work a lot of overtime, but I have five people to support.

I'm hoping that he rest well tonight. He's sleeping upstairs and I hope he sleeps all night. I think all of us need some serious down time.


  1. Catching up here! Debbie, I hope that Oct. will be more restful for you. Oh, those teens. I remember the years! Have that family meeting and make those kids tow the line! Everyone in the family needs to contribute.

    Debbie, I do feel bad for you sometimes that your hubby doesn't understand and appreciate all that you are doing for your family. Even with mental health issues, I feel that he needs to work as hard at home as you do away from home!

  2. He has been making more effort this week with cooking meals. I work night shift and don't feel that I should wake up, make dinner, and get ready to work a 12 hour shift. This week he's even bought some groceries with some cash from stuff he's sold over the internet. It's a work in progress.