Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dinner 9/2 Using what we have...

What is left over from the marinated chicken last night? About 1/2 cup of chopped carrots, 1/2 cup of chicken stock which went into the freezer for soup at some point. 

I took out some boneless pork (used to be a large pork loin, but I sliced it up into single pork chops) and have five nice sized pork chops for dinner tonight. I will bake them in the oven with some BBQ sauce. The kids love their pork chops like this, baked with bbq sauce, and additional on the side to "dip". 

I am making a small potato salad. I peeled eight potatoes, and added three eggs to a pot. I'm simmering the potatoes and eggs to make a potato salad. I have a small amount of Kraft mayo, a small amount of onion, some spices (garlic, pepper, parsley, paprika...I am out of onion powder) that I will add to this. 

We are going to have steamed broccoli and the left over carrots as our vegetable selection. 

We are using what we have available for meals. It's going to be a tight month with the kids and I getting our dental cleanings and any cavities filled for October. We have to work on saving for some possible dental work. I'm hoping that this month will be a month of low expenses. 

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