Sunday, September 28, 2014

What's been cooking??

We had been on vacation. We got home Friday morning and crashed into bed. Exhaustion set in. I had to go back to work Friday night and work all weekend....SLEEP DEPRIVATION!!

Friday I had from scratch meatballs in the freezer from two weeks ago. I put them in the crock pot with the last tiny bit of spaghetti sauce, the left over beef stock in the fridge, a few sliced peppers, a whole sliced onion, and three cloves of garlic....YUM! I served this over a small amount of steamed long grain white rice.

Saturday my DH bought some frozen pizzas and baked them in the oven. It prevented us from buying take out.

Sunday my DH made ziti with meat sauce.

Work is waiting for me in a few hours.


  1. I love meals like this! Crock pot has come in handy many many times at my home. And this meal sounds delicious!

    1. Thanks for reading. The meal was great. I use my crock pot at least three or four times a week.