Monday, March 25, 2013

Monthly Obligations updated


The radiologist bill came in for my daughter's CT scan, It was 83 dollars after insurance. I paid this off in full.

Family Therapy 100.00, paid 60 today

ER bill: This lowers my payment to 569.24....I am sending in a payment of 100.00 dollars today.

MD bill We have not received this bill in the mail yet.

Dentist bill total about 700-750 dollars total. Paid 260 3/25/2013

KIA 277.11 a month PAID IN FULL as of January 2013.

JCPenny 202.00 total.l....100 a month. PAID IN FULL AND NOW CLOSED as of February 2013!!

Target 2638.98..150 a month (when JCP is paid, all is rolled into this account 377.11 plus the 150).  March's statement came, making a payment  of 500.00. I have made aqnother payment of 200.00 on 3/25/2013

Wells Fargo  (A) 25,000 YIKES! 90 a month, when Target is finished, everything will snowball into this account. It works out to 40 payments total! This will be paid off sometime in the future. I don't have a timeline yet for this obligation.

Student Loan 15,000 total another yikes! I pay 167.00 a month for my education. This is considered good debt as far as the government is concerned. This payment will continue until Wells Fargo A is paid off in full. When Wells Fargo A is paid off, then all the money will snow ball into this account until it is paid in full. I don't have a timeline for this obligation yet. I paid April 2013 amount today.

Mortgage 72,000 (was 90,000)  total....633.21 a month. I do pay my mortgage every month on time. I usually will add 100 dollars a month to the principle in addition to the regular payment. I have no time line when this will be paid in full.

Emergency Fund: 1400.00

My EF goal is 1,000. I have a goal of 5,000 for my 3-6 months living expenses.

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