Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Updated Listing

Here is a complete listing of what is available. I actually went and listed every baking item, spice, and all the contents of our freezer, fridge, and pantry. I'm hoping to make some meals from what we have available. I only get paid every two weeks. My first pay check will be on Thursday.

one pound  ground turkey
a pound of ground beef

2 whole chicken I took one of these whole chickens in the fridge to defrost. I plan on cutting it in peices, deboning the breast meat, and using the breast for a meal, then cooking the quarters, and using the wings and back in soup.

2 turkey sausage

several open condiments in the fridge (things need to go)*
    two Italian dressings*
    bbq sauce*
    parmesean cheese*
    garlic herb marinade* I am going to use the last of this to marinade the chicken breast when they are thawed and deboned from the whole chicken.
    two bottles of ketchup* One is almost finished, about a tsp left.

potatoes eight left
onions three left

2 lbs frozen sour kraut
2 one pound bags of frozen peas
5 one pound bags of frozen corn
2 lb peppers* (these are frozen)
pearl onions

3 lb elbow pasta
1 rice roni
2 lb rice*

1 box hot chocolate*

various spices (dried)*
   garlic powder
   onion powder

  chicken bouillon
  beef bouillon

Various baking ingredients*
   all purpose flour*
   whole wheat flour*
   baking powder *
   dry milk*
   baking soda*
   baking powder*
   4 lb sugar*
   powered sugar
   a pound of salt
   veggie oil* a tsp left...
   pancake mix*
   pancake syrup*

2 cans of tomato soup

one box old fashioned oatmeal*almost gone
one box of cream of wheat*
2 boxes of cereal*

one bag of frozen french fries (for when I'm working and my husband needs a quick snack for the kids)*****

2 bags of bagels
2 bags of english muffins

a gallon of milk* half empty....
sliced cheese
10count eggs

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