Saturday, January 5, 2013

Feeling deprived...

Ever get this deprivation feeling??? I do once in a while, but then I have to get motivated  move, open the blinds, turn on the local news station, and be productive. I opened the blinds, opened the front door, let the sunshine in!!!!

I am motivated, and have to think positively. I have a warm home, a great family, our bills are paid every month, and we do eat decent meals. My kids are not needing for anything, our home is not in a state of foreclosure, and our family is intact.

I need to remember that some folks are worse off. I volunteer at a homeless shelter and provide basic nursing care to folks who would otherwise not seek any medical attention. I am much better off then the folks who have to sleep in tents, wondering where their next meal is coming from, and have to battle the weather elements to keep warm and healthy.

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