Thursday, January 10, 2013

Grocery Shopping

My monthly challenge is to have 300.00 dollars for a family of five, three cats, and one dog. For the past few months, we have been able to keep within our budget.

Scotch sponges 2.58  (1.00 off coupon)
Dawn dish soap 1.15  (0.40 off coupon)
Krustez cookie mix 3.98 (1.00 off coupon)
french honey mustard 1.99 (1.00 off coupon)
Prego sauce 3.00 (0.40 off doubled)
Pyrex storage 7.98 (buy two at 3.99 each, get third free, plus 2.00 off)
Snalware storage 4.99 (2.00 off coupon)
pork and Chicken sausage 3.50 (2.00 catalina off, one dollar off coupon)
reduced rolls 1.64
General Mills PB cookie mix 2.00 (0.40 off doubled)

Total 41.06 before savings
Bonus card savings 8.25
Manufacturer coupons 10.50
Doubled coupon 1.50
Total after savings and coupons 21.97

9 twelve packs Coke 3 for 10.00
If you spend 30.00, obtain a 10.00 cash card
two 32 oz tressemme shampoo 6.67
2 gallons of skim milk 7.89
Two jugs Xtra laundry soap 3.98

I bought the coke and paid 30.75. I had a 7.50 in CVS bucks, along with a 2.00 off coupon, and the 10.00 cash card. It paid for the shampoo, two gallons of milk, and two jugs of laundry soap.

Sharp Shopper:

one lb brussel spouts
one lb fresh green beans
three lb bananas
one quiche
48 pk water
5 lb carrots
2 and a half doz eggs
two gallons oj
banana granola pb
granola bars
taco shells
italian cheese and herb bagette chips
egg noodles
two packages hot dogs

the list is to spent 72.32  

Total 300.00
spent 125.04
Left for month 174.96

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