Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dinner 1/15

Dinner tonight consist of tacos, corn, and a packet of noodles and sauce. The corn is frozen, a one pound bag from Aldi. I am steaming this in a rice cooker. the packet of noodles and "sauce" is from Sharp Shopper at 0.69 cents. This will be made on the stove top. I had my last package of ground turkey, and a one lb package of ground beef that I combined. I cooked this, added some taco seasoning, and will serve a taco meal tonight. The kit came from Sharp Shopper at 0.99 a box.
I have roma tomatoes that I bought last week that will be used. I also have some lurking deli ends that need to be used for cheese topping. We don't have any lettuce, but do have salsa (from the kit).

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