Thursday, January 10, 2013

Finances II

Finances II

I made my very last car payment.......

Since the holidays are over....

car taxes   PAID

I owe 151.47 on my daughter's graduation fees, and 125.00 on my other daughter's class ring..
I made 50 dollar payments to both this morning....01/10/2013

inspection for one car DONE FREE!!!!!
 Animals to vet on Jan 22 2013....

The only way to manage to get these things done, is to watch my finances very carefully. My husband does not work and has limited income (he sells things), and I can't count on any of that income to be steady. So, the best thing I can do is watch all income that comes into the house (mine is steady), and keep our expenses as low as possible.

I am going to list my debt, and my plans to get rid of this:

KIA 277.11 a month PAID IN FULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JCPenny 281 total.l....100 a month (when KIA is paid off, the money rolls into my JCP account 277.11 plus 100.00) This will start in Feb 2013!!!!!!!

Target 2680.31....150 a month (when JCP is paid, all is rolled into this account 377.11 plus the 150). This is my newest statement. Payment 150.00 today 01/10/2013

Wells Fargo  (A) 25,000 YIKES!!!!!! 90 a month at the moment (when Target gets paid off, then the money will roll into this account 572.11 a month)

Student Loan 15,000 total another yikes!!!! 167 a month...will keep this amount until Wells Fargo A is paid off. (when the above is paid off, then I will put 572.11 a month and the normal 167 towards this loan). Made a payment 01/10/2013

Mortgage 72,000 (was 90,000)  total....633.21 a month....I was paying 200 dollars a month extra...thinking that will change, as I need an emergency fund.

I just paid January's mortgage....I added the regular payment, along with one hundred dollars.

Emergency Fund: 00000000

I got a call rom the bank that holds my mortgage. Apparently, I am eligible for a fixed rate refinanice. I was at a fixed rate of 6 percent for 30 years. I have 72,000 left to pay. They offered me a no closing cost package at a fixed rate of 3.265 percent, and my payments will be 80 dollars less over a 15 year time frame.

Essentially, I could have my bills paid, and mortgage free come this a reasonable plan??? Yes, provided I can stick to it.

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