Tuesday, November 20, 2012

total pantry, freezer, fridge items

Here is a listing of what I have available in the house for the rest of November and December  I am anticipating buying milk and eggs.

11.8 lb turkey
11.6 lb turkey
one 9.5 pound smoked ham (for Christmas)
4 packages of ground turkey
15 pounds of chicken thighs
one package of 18 fish filet
1 pound ground beef
2  packages of brautworst
3 packages of Oscar Myer hot dogs
8 corn dogs for the kids

gallon of milk
two sticks margarine
one bottle of blue cheese dressing
one pound mozzarella cheese
two whole wheat pizza crust
18 count eggs
5 yogurts
3 half gallons of juice
1 pound of Colby cheese

4 pounds of sugar 2.29
6 pk popcorn
 box of tea bags
cupcake mix
4 jars of gravy
two bags of herb stuffing
several frozen loaves of pepperidge farm bread
various spices (dried)
various baking ingredients

several open condiments in the fridge

two boxes mac and cheese
2 pounds of pasta
2 packages of rice and sauce

20 water
veggie oil
pancake mix
pancake syrup
tea bags
opened jam in fridge

chopped frozen green peppers
2 lbs frozen sour kraut
3 heads romaine lettuce
20 count package of tortillas soft flour
one head of cabbage
one pound of grape tomatoes
3 bags of pinto beans
3 bags of kidney beans
4 cans of diced tomatoes
3 pounds onions
5 one pound bags of frozen peas
9 one pound bags of frozen corn
two cans of pears
2 jars spaghetti sauce
2 pounds of green beans
one half opened bag of brussel sprouts
5 lb carrots
10 pounds potatoes
a marked down 5 pound bag of french fries
one pound of celery
3 pounds of sweet potatoes

one box old fashioned oatmeal
one box of cream of wheat
several half empty boxes of cereal
one box of farina

1 can of ravioli
one can of minestrone soup
11 cans of tomato soup
3 containers of peanut butter
one can of mushrooms
three cans of kidney beans

I also have various containers of stock, left overs, and small amounts of "frozen left overs" in the freezer.

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