Thursday, November 1, 2012

November shopping

Four bottles of dish soap
one tube of tooth paste
one jug laundry soap

5 pounds bananas
3 pounds Rome apples
two cucumbers
3 green peppers
3 pounds tomatoes
two pounds of grapes
one pound of peaches
three pounds of oranges
3 pounds of onions
10 pounds of potatoes
three romaine lettuce
one large head of cabbage

one pound mozzarella cheese
two whole wheat pizza crust
one pound of deli cheese ends
4 half gallons of juice
1 gallon of fat free milk
2 packages of 18 count eggs
8 yogurts

one package of 18 fish filets
3 pounds ground beef
one pork roast (2 pounds)
10 pounds of chicken thighs
2 packages of Oscar myer hot dogs

2 pounds of pasta
2 packages of rice and sauce
3 cans of ravioli
one box of generic lucky charms
two cans of chicken noodle soup
one box of farina
two loaves of white bread
package of 20 tortillas (flour)
one mix of lemon bread
16 count jello cups

Spent a total of 110.37 at Sharp Shopper. My goal is 300 dollars a month. My family is going away on November 6th, so the items above with the  exception of the fruit and veggies should last a while.

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