Thursday, November 29, 2012


Since October 2012 I have been donating to CCAP on a regular basis....every two weeks. I made two monetary donations online, dropped off eleven winter coats for kids after cleaning out the closet, and donated several bags of pantry and produce a few weeks ago from the pantry. This morning, I dropped off several bags of groceries to the center.

I feel that since I am able to live simply, earm money and my family has their needs met, I am able to give freely of my own choosing to help others. While I don't mind the monetary online donation, I feel that it's better to actually go to the grocery store and drop off the items (I like the feeling it gives me to walk in with a few bags of needed groceries). I would like to keep doing this every two weeks when I get paid. Of course, my finances are the first and foremost to be looked at and tended to prior to my giving to the shelter.

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