Thursday, November 29, 2012

Grocery Shopping

Being the end of the month, I added the 46 dollars left from this month, with the 300 dollars for next month.

We bought at CVS
one box candy canes
5 bottles of VO5 shampoo
Two bottles of nice and easy hair color
three bottles of body wash
two cover girl eye make up
200 count ibuprofen
q tips generic
apricot scrub generic
a generic midol
two tubes of tooth paste

total spent 71.98 after 19.00 taken off for coupons. YIKES!!

At Food Lion, we bought
18 ox peanut butter
pearl onions
two packs of gum
2 pounds ground beef
pack of pork chops bone in
8 ox sharp cheddar
8 ox sour cream

Cost 24.77 after 4.13 in coupons

20 pack scott tissue
18 lb generic cat food
24 ct nine lives canned food

Spent 32.25 after 3.50 in coupons.

We went to Sharp Shopper:
bottled water 35 ct
3 lb bananas
36 ct eggs
fat free milk gallon
loaf of bread
5 lb sugar
10 pounds potatoes
2 pizzas
one whole chicken
4 turkey sausage
2 lb peppers
3 lb apples
3 half gallon juices
cheese ends
meat ends
lb of Colby cheese
three boxes of cereal
cheese it generic
graham crackers
lance crackers
canned beans
two muffin mixes
bagged flour
two containers of hot cocoa
two taco kits
bag of flour tortillas
parmesean cheese
three pounds of pasta
2 rice roni
5 lb carrots

Sharp Shopper total 93.24

For CCAP (donations to shelter)
one whole chicken
 2 lb turnips
three lb sweet potatoes
two head of cabbage
three boxes of oatmeal
3 lb box of scallopped potaotes
5 lb carrots
24 pack can veggies

Total (not included in my budget) 27.70

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