Friday, January 23, 2015

What's been cooking...

My computer blogging time was cut since my daughter did something to our computer. She shut down my blog with some code and password that locked me out. I wasn't able to post or even log into my blog. Funny though, I could got to my blog off my android, but not post, and get links to my other blogs. I don't understand.

Anyway, she fixed it. 

We had Shepard pie last night. I used a pound of ground beef, half an onion, two gloves of garlic, a can of lurking cream corn (in the pantry from thanksgiving), a 1/2 bag of frozen corn, and a couple of potatoes (to make mashed). It was pretty awesome. There's enough for one serving left. I'm thinking I will take it to work tonight (unless my husband eats it). 

Wednesday, my kids were out for a snow day. I made use of a couple of things lurking in the pantry. I baked an angel food cake (box mix, only needed water), made a from scratch cheese pizza (ABM ingredients, lurking pasta sauce 1/4 left in a jar, and some mozzarella cheese), and finished off the last seven eggs by making a hash of sorts (scrambled eggs, the last bit of ham pieces I had in the freezer, maybe 1/2 cup...and some small cheese pieces). 

I got paid yesterday. I was able to get most of March's bills paid (I like staying a month ahead), and even paid May's mortgage. I was able to put 300 dollars in my savings. 

My first class ended towards my Master's program. My second starts February 26th. I have payment arrangements to make for this five credit class. It's 445 dollars a credit, plus a 150 technology fee. 

I cut the overtime down some. I only picked up three shifts on the next schedule instead of my usual 8 (making it one extra shift a week). My next pay check in two weeks will not have any overtime in it. I am hoping that it is not a big financial hit to my bank account. 

The kids are well. My teens are still in school. My oldest DD is working full time at a local factory. 
My husband is well. We went out yesterday to a local experimental farm and walked two miles with our two hound dogs. It was pretty awesome to get out together, even if it was a bit cold. 


  1. Good to hear that life is chugging along well. I do admire you for chipping away at your master's degree as you are. You will get there, and it will be wonderful to do it without debt!