Thursday, June 28, 2012

July Shopping

I stopped at the bread store, bought:
two raspberry danishes
three packages of English muffins
2 bags of bagels 
one bag of mini bagelsv
one loaf of english muffin "bread"
three loaves of white bread.  We have one and a half loaves left.
Spent 13.07 there.

We went to Walmart.
one bottle of dandruff shampoo
two aim toothpaste
one deodorant
package of stay free pads  opened
two containers of sun screen
spent 22.50

We went to Aldi.
2 dozen eggs
a container of plain cream cheese
blueberry pancake mix
whole wheat garlic crackers
9 ox roast beef
9 oz turkey
cream of mushroom soup 2
cream of chicken soup 2
chicken noodle 2  We have one can left.
tomato soup 2  We have one can left.
can sauerkraut
package of roma tomatoes
miracle whip
pancake mix
pita crackers
deli cheese
cheese slices
cheddar cheese grated
cheddar chunk cheese
Colby cheese sliced
garlic and chive cream cheese
mild cheddar block cheese
3 gallons of milk  WE have half gallon left.
hamburger buns
cheese crackers
dish detergent
one bottle garlic marinade
2 loaves white bread
4 packages of toilet paper
pita crackers
2 lb polish sausage
whole chicken 85 cents a pound
frozen peas
4 Oscar myer wieners We have two packages left.
frozen corn
2 packages of 2 lb chicken breast 99 cents a pound
frozen broccoli
2 lb carrots
3 rolls ground turkey  We have one roll left.
4 lb bananas
2 packages of chocolate chips
2 packages 4 ct corn on cob
4 lb mixed fruit
2 rolls hamburger   One left. 
40 oz ketchup
4 lb sugar
10 cans cat food
grape jelly
1 lb peanuts
2 cans mushrooms
1 strawberry preserves 2 24 count waters
spent 164.90

total for month 300.00
spent 200.94
left for month 99.06

The highlighted items are no longer available. this is updated as of 7/14/2012.

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