Thursday, June 14, 2012

Grocery Shopping

We went to Martin's to pick up 4 twelve packs of Coke, two packages of yogurt, two individual cups of yogurt, two packages of gogurt, two jugs of laundry soap, and spent a total of 22 dollars.

We went to Pet Smart to check out some new pet food. Spent 31 dollars, and bought  a 12 lb bag of cat food, a 12 lb bag of dog food, a 8 lb bag of litter, and got three cans of "free" pet food.

Stopped at Sharp Shopper and bought grapes, cherries, bananas, red and orange peppers, tomatoes, some canned items, whole chicken for 69 cents a pound, several packages of yogurt, three gallons of milk, deli cheese ends, two thin pizza crust, two cans spag sauce, several deli meat ends, a watermelon, capri sun, a box of cereal, cake mix, two pounds of pasta, several canned veggies (fifty cents each), 2 15 packs of taco kits, two dozen eggs, one container of juice, 10 chicken breasts, 4 packages of bratwurst. We spent 99 dollars there.

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