Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Using what we have...

I have four more chicken quarters that need to be used up since they are defrosted. If you have read in the past few days, we are making a conscious effort to make do, use what we have, and use alternatives in place of things we are out of.

I have the last four chicken quarters marinating in the last of the garlic and herb marinade that was lurking in the fridge. I'm going to bake these in the oven with some celery, a few small carrots, and an onion. I will let it cook at 325 until the chicken quarters are done.

I'm going to warm up a package of frozen veggies that are partially used. We have spinach, green beans, and Brussel sprouts open in the freezer. They have to go soon. The kids will have to decide which one they prefer for tonight's dinner.

I have a recipe for dumplings. I'm going to use some of the turkey stock and chicken stock from yesterday. It will use up some of the containers I have in the freezer.

The bones and skin from yesterday's chicken made 2 cups of beautiful chicken stock for the freezer.


  1. It is great to be in use it up mode. It is the time of year I need to start doing the same, so we can have room in the freezer for the upcoming growing season. The last time I bought one of those 10 lb chicken quarters bags, I froze the entire thing . Next time I am going to take the time to process it beforehand so I will have manageable portions in the freezer

  2. Anne,

    Thank you for reading. My dumplings came out like rocks. My husband didn't complain. He said that "they taste pretty good". HAHA!