Tuesday, February 10, 2015

chicken quarters...

I have a ten pound bag of chicken quarters defrosting. I took out four (I know there's five of us, but I'm working on stretching the budget and hoping to eliminate some waste) and found a recipe that I've used in the past. I used this recipe last Easter and it was a huge hit for all of us. One exception, I put the meal in the oven last time, this time, I'm using my trusty crock pot.


I have some celery that is looking long in the tooth, so I put two stalks of it in the crock pot. I also added a pound bag of "baby carrots" I bought for 0.49 cents at Aldi a while ago. I put in a whole thin sliced onion and the four seasoned chicken quarters for the crock pot.

It's on low now. It will cook all day. I'm thinking I may steam some long grain rice to go with this. I have tons of rice in the pantry (long grain white, brown, jasmine).

The best part of this is that the seasonings were adjustable to the amount of chicken you used. I cut the recipe in half and it seems to be more than enough. I'm hoping will make this beautiful stock for the freezer!!

We are finally out of left overs and lurking "soups" in the freezer. I was looking through it this morning and all I have is some frozen veggies, a few sorts of meat, and a lot of turkey stock. I may have to make a batch of turkey soup soon (no turkey meat, just stock...lots of it).

We are blessed well to eat on a limited budget. My total grocery purchases for February at this time are ZERO. I have a grocery list that has some needs on it, but we are working on using alternatives.

I would like to get that tax bill paid off next week when I get paid. As long as I can get the tax bill paid, I will go grocery shopping after I get that bill paid insured, and sent overnight to the IRS.


  1. Thanks. I took all the skin and bones back into the crock pot with enough water to cover them. I will let this simmer overnight and strain in the am. We have a half cup of rice and veggies left, and one chicken quarter. My oldest is taking it with her to work. Dinner was amazing. We have two cups of beautiful chicken stock for the freezer also. We are blessed to eat well on a limited budget. I have to come up with a plan for the rest of the chicken. I'm thinking of chicken and dumplings.