Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dinner...birthday fun...working less overtime.

In a nutshell, my overtime shift last week was instead "On call" and I didn't get called in. I am kind of thankful. I get my first paycheck this week with no overtime in it. I'm a little nervous, but it was really nice to be at home. The bills are paid. I have money in savings. I'm waiting to get all my tax stuff in the mail. Some of it has arrived.

We celebrated my birthday yesterday. We went to a Japanese steakhouse and had a BLAST! The five of us had an awesome time. Was it expensive...YEP. Was it fun....YEP. Did we plan and put the money aside to pay for it.....YEP.

The kids and I need new sneakers and hair cuts. My husband shaved his head for the first time on Sunday. I work up in the afternoon (I work night shift) and walked into the bathroom. He was in there with the clippers, a razor, and shaving cream. It was all gone, including his beard and mustache. I asked him if he was in the stages of "having a manic moment". He said he wanted to see what it would look like. I was shocked. I told him that I wish the kids would have given me some kind of hint when I woke up.

He's wearing a baseball hat now. I love him regardless. He's saving me money on shampoo that's for sure.

Dinner today is five chicken legs in the crock pot. I added a bag of "baby carrots", two stalks of celery, an onion, some spices, and five small potatoes. It's dinner tonight.


  1. a belated Happy Birthday to you. Once you get over the shock, you will like his lack of hair. My dh did the same thing!!