Thursday, February 5, 2015

Dinner tonight...using what we have

Meat loaf using a pound of 93 percent lean ground beef, and a pound of ground turkey, two slices of bread that I turned into crumbs, two eggs, a packet of soy sauce (take out from my oldest), some Worcestershire sauce, onion, and garlic.

I had a container of homemade spaghetti sauce (peppers, onion, mushrooms, etc etc) in the fridge. It's a small container, so I used it to top the meatloaf and I put it in the oven.

We had sliced cucumbers, chopped spinach, and green beans with our meal.

I made two pans of banana bread, and a pan of banana muffins. My special ed kid said, Oh I love banana cupcakes". He ate two servings after he finished his dinner. My oldest is taking some of left over dinner to work with her. My middle DD (who fell and broke her eye glasses) said "Mom, I love when you cook".

Did I mention I feel like a heel after my kid broke her glasses?? She's been so sweet. She asked me if I would like a cup of tea. I told her that would be great. I hugged her and said, "I'm glad that you didn't get hurt".